Photographic Icons of Red Sea

Red Sea Jol is launching an exciting expeditions next year! A photographic journey across the icons of the incredible Red Sea with underwater photographer Jason Lee Boswell! Check out our new exciting offer… The Red Sea is one of the world’s premier dive destinations. We at Red Sea Jol are now offering a unique photographic expedition along with underwater photographer Jason Lee Boswell This cruise will be unlike any other – instead of whirring from site to site we’ll spend our days diving and photographing some of the region’s most iconic sites, chosen by our experienced crew in the pristine waters of the Egyptian Red Sea and in a relaxed atmosphere learn tricks and techniques for a wide variety of different situations, and experimenting with some totally different scenarios – imagine having your own private underwater model in WWII gear hanging mid-water above a classic wreck, posing just for you! it’s open to everyone and all skill levels from those who’ve just recently purchased a point and shoot or action cam through to the biggest DSLR set ups. Photographic techniques aren’t limited to specific cameras! What we’re offering is: Numerous dives on some of the most beautiful sites the Red Sea has to offer Relaxed tutoring environment on board daily Relaxed diving itinerary with more dive time and less moving interactive personalised feedback sessions Unique underwater modelling photographic opportunities Come and join Red Sea Jol on what promises to one of the best diving trips you’ll ever experience!


Imagine an itinerary that has the goodness of the Red Sea Wrecks and reefs, fewer locations and at a slower and more relaxed pace. We offer the very best of the Red Sea, choosing 3 or 4 dive spots away from the crowd, staying there for a long period of time. So it’s all up to you to do many short dives, or less longer dives without the pace and rush. Making it for the very best for our photographers.


Some dive sites will be open deck once the divers have been thoroughly briefed, the deck will be free to allowing divers to decide

when they want enter and exit the water. Meal times will be written on the board and crew will be available to help divers, basically the divers can come and go as they please.


Whether you would like to spend time in midwater with Batfish, Barracuda and Tuna, Inside the reef for small Shrimps, Scorpion fish, Lionfish, Octopus or even with a pod of Dolphins.

You not only get the freedom to decide how long to dive, surface intervals, that if you time things perfectly – you get to stay away from the crowds and remain at a relaxed and slow pace – Allowing you to concentrate on what you want from your Red Sea experience.  

  • Photographers – no need to hurry
  • Enjoy at your own pace
  • No crowds
  • Less movement
  • Fewer locations
  • More time to spend at the best spots
  • Laid back diving
  • Enjoy our relaxed open deck diving
  • Control your own dive time and surface interval in your buddy pairs.


What can we see?

The Red Sea is famous for huge pelagic schools of fish, an abundance of Kingfish, Trevallies and Barracuda.  Dolphins, crocodile fish as well as Smaller schools of Batfish, snappers and anthias. As you get closer to the reef you will be greeted by clownfish, brightly coloured anemones and soft corals harboring scorpion and lionfish, searching closer for the rare stonefish (possibly even a frogfish). Look out for the very clever camouflage of the octopus, while the turtle comes in to have a look around. Look even closer for cleaner wrasse and an overhang full of shrimps. Night time promises nocturnal bliss including the beautiful Spanish dancer, hunting lionfish and giant morays looking for dinner. This is the Photographers dream, but whether you have a camera or not, there is so much to see. Fish life is in abundance as well as the healthy coral structure. Make yourself comfortable… There is so much to see!