5 of the Best Apps for your Red Sea Trip

5 of the best dive apps for your Red Sea Trip!

Attention all those techno-savvy have to have an app for everything jollers – presenting a list of the 5 best apps for your Ref Sea Trip.
Lets get into it:

1. V Planner
This is the ultimate Dive planner, using different specific gas consumption and decompression stops, whether your tec or rec this is the planner you want. From Nitrox, Trimix, TriOx, HeliOx, CR, SCR, CCR, RB80, KISS and multilevel dives.

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2. Red Sea Scuba by Ocean maps
Offering the Red Sea dive sites in 3D for scuba divers and snorkelers. The app features over a hundred dive sites in the Red Sea including world-famous reefs and wrecks like Blue Hole, Thistlegorm, Elphinstone, Brothers, the Salem Express and many more! This app even offers a diver simulation.

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3. Pocket guide Red Sea
Red Sea Pocket guide is a fish identification app that contain images and descriptions of over 600 marine species in Red Sea. This application aims to help you to identify species and find familiarities between categories after your dives.

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4. Dive Mate (log book)
DiveMate is a unique dive logbook for scuba divers. Keep your diving memories with photos, maps, personal notes and your buddies. An amazing function of DiveMate is the direct connection of dive computers to your smartphone or tablet.

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5. Free Scuba Diving Checklist
Checklists for what you should pack to make sure you dont forget anything for your liveaboard holiday. Also you can use the same checklist when you pack up to make sure you havent forgotten anything behind.

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