Everything a South African Traveller should know when applying for an Egyptian Visa

travel-or-turism-concept-opened-passport-with-visa-stamps-with-airline-ftbr7wApplying for a Visa for the Red Sea

It shouldn’t be a daunting process to apply for your Red Sea Visa, after all travel is a fun and exciting time, so plan ahead and give yourself the time for a stress free application process.

What do you need to check before applying?

  • That your passport is valid for 6months after return date
  • That you have 1 full clean page free for the visa
  • That any children travelling alone have a unabridged or updated passport (minors require special procedures so please check with home affairs)

Visa Application

  1. A application Form, filled out per passport
  2. A trip Itinerary indicating Dates of Arrival, Dates of Departure, Number of days, an Outline of day to day Itinerary and a Hotel Booking Reservation.
  3. Your Flight Ticket or e-Ticket
  4. 2 recent ID photos (One glued to application form, 1 stapled to the page)
  5.  Should you be applying on behalf of a group a summary of names and passport numbers
  6.  Letter of Employement

Application Form :   egypt-visa-form

14199737_10154492830598064_6625797445060721664_nWhere should I apply?

The Easiest most stress free way to apply is to leave it up to us – we have a visa representative who will collect your passports and submit it, he will keep you updated on progress and will courier them all back once the visa process is finished. Shoooo. No Stress. No worries!

Also remember your booking dive center can organise the goods, chop chop!


What if I’m superman, and I can do it by myself? Well we wish you the patience of a saint. Dont waste your time –

1. Check the date ( make sure you are not applying during eid and bank holidays)

2. Go early and take a beverage to keep hydrated 🙂

Or you can go to Contact address and telephone numbers of the Embassy at:
Address: 270 Bourke Street
Telephone: +27 12 343 1590 / 1591
+27 12 344 6040 /
Fax: +27 12 343 1082
Email: egyptemb@global.co.za and egyptemb1@gmail.com

Consular service & processing of documents:
Submissions: Monday – Friday 09:00 – 11:00
Collections: Monday –Thursday 09:00 – 11:00 & 14:30 – 15:30
Friday 12:30 – 13:30
Visa processing time: THREE WORKING DAYS
Except on public and Egyptian holidays