10 things you wish you knew before your liveaboard diving holiday.

Follow these tips for the best Red Sea liveaboard holiday 🙂

Standing on the bow of the boat with the sea breeze blowing through your hair and the smell of salt water – The Red Sea liveaboard diving holiday is an experience, you will never forget. Travelling to a destination like the Red Sea not only offers the best diving to those exclusively famous dive spots but it also offers clear, calm waters that you can explore from our very own vessel. Wreck dives, night dives and drop-offs as deep as eternity. Sometimes travelling can be daunting – there’s no need to stress as we think back on some tips on how to get through it as easily as possible:

upper deck1. Pack Light– When packing your clothes it important to remember that less is more. On a Red Sea liveaboard, generally you will spend most of the trip lounging around on the deck in shorts and a shirt. Paradise. Recommended attire being light cotton clothes, sarongs, swim suits and easy to dry clothing. Bring a long sleeve top as it can get chilly in the air-conditioned areas. The sun can be very strong so pack your hats, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen. Pack your own toiletries sufficient for the week. Towels are provided onboard.

2. Dive Gear – Leave the extras behind. Cylinders and weights are all available on the boat.  The water temperature ranges from 25-30 degrees so pack a light wetsuit, skinsuit, shorty or rash vest. Each diver is to have their own SMB (Surface Marker Buoy) with a reel, dive light and dive computer. Minimise the amount of occupied space by packing a soft dive bag that can be stored, rather than a big bulky box. You should bring your diving and nitrox c-cards. Your DAN insurance should be up to date. If you have any medical concerns – a medical clearance claiming you are fit to dive is required from your physician and the relevant Medical form is to be filled and stamped. A note for photographers – charging points are 2 point plugs.

dive gear

3. Wrap your Bags – EgyptAir check-in opens 3 hours before the flight (Terminal B departures) and they provide the wrapping for free. Make sure you weigh the bag before wrapping as the allowance is 2x 23kgs checked luggage. The luggage final destination is Hurghada. Do not pack any batteries in your carry-on, there is a good chance they will be confiscated in Cairo. Restrictions on flammables and liquids as per airport guidelines. No helicopter/drones/lazer pointers/electronic flight simulators are allowed.

baggage wrap

4.  Fill in the arrival information card on the plane – Towards the end of the flight, cabin members will come around with an arrival card to fill in. It will be handed into Immigration for all non-egyptian arrivals – this will save time between transit Cairo to Hurghada. This will also minimise the stress of moving through to the next destination.

arrivals card

5. Pack a set of extras in your hand luggage – It takes time for a groups checked in luggage to move to the boat. Pack an extra set of swimmers and shorts so you are not stuck desperately looking to change out of those hot uncomfortable long pants.

6. Don’t drink the Water – You should always stick to filtered water, even when brushing your teeth. There are ample water points on the boat where you can fill up a bottle – also ensure that you stay well hydrated throughout the trip.


7. Tummy bugs and Ear ache – We don’t want you to skip out on any dives, so pay close attention to your ears. The water is tropical and full of microbes so rinse out your ears after every dive with room temperature water. Pay attention to your tummy, as soon as you feel something is a bit rumbly – alert the crew. Dive guides have a great stock of medicines so prevention is better than cure.

8. Toilet troubles – On any boat it is a big no-no to discard paper down the toilet. Waste bins are provided and serviced regularly. Discarded toilet paper ends up on the reef and has a negative impact on the beautiful reefs below.

enhanced-3947-1404345745-4 (1)

9. Medication & First Aid – Blisters from fins, nicks and cuts can be annoying, so having a antiseptic on hand is a good idea. A small stock of seasickness medicine, immodium and swimmers ear (Swim Seal) could be needed. If you do take prescription medicine it is very important to declare it to the dive leader.

10. Have a good time – When arriving in Hurghada, you will arrive at the domestic but you need to collect the luggage from International arrivals. Please do not exit the terminal as you will not be allowed back in. A Red Sea Jol representative will be there to escort you to the correct terminal to collect bags. In case of missing luggage you will fill in a form with the boat’s information. Address: MV Nouran, Hurghada New Marina, Telephone +201118229997. The representative will then take you to the bus and onwards to the Red Sea liveaboard boat – eat, dive, sleep, repeat. Easy peasy!