Reasons to dive with Red Sea Jol

Oh Yeah. We are Red Sea Jol. We are different, we believe in giving you a great Red Sea experience. We are not just another boat, we are Red Sea Jol.


Lets break down, what you should expect, what makes us different and how we make the better choice for your Red Sea trip:

The Itinerary

What makes Red Sea Jol different? Look – We dont offer the same boring week everyone else does. Our itineraries offer something different – we don’t chase the crowd, we pave our own path!

Want the best of the wrecks with SS Thistlegorm & Dunraven? Want the beautifully preserved reefs of Ras Mohamed but still need a thrill of excitement with Brothers island’s sharks sharks sharks – this is last week’s jam packed itinerary of North and Brothers because, yes you can book with other charters but, ask yourself do u want the same generic experience or do YOU want the very best out of ur Red Sea Trip? Well with Red Sea Jol thats what we deliver!

Stop running the rat race and break free with Red Sea Jol

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The Service

We at red sea jol make sure all our clients get a high level of service, from the minute they land at Hurghada we have a happy smiling face of our representatives waiting inside the terminal to help them with luggage, to the air-con bus then our lovely 5* liveaboard boat with top crew, great service, the best food , the quality of diving so we look into every little details and there is nothing like to end up this amazing holiday than staying in the amazing all inclusive hotel that we chosen to our clients
We at red sea jol believe in high service and we deliver

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Meet and assist
On Arrival you will find our staff waiting for you inside the arrival terminal to help you with bags and if u have missing bag he is there for you to help you to fill up all paper work and they will bring you the bag straight to the boat once it arrives.

The Crew

Very friendly and well trained crew they would do everything to help you and we spend lots of money and effort to keep them trained, not to turnover our crew so friendly familiar faces every year when u come onboard –

Our Helpful, knowledgeable crew are always there to help you to get into your wetsuit, grab your fins and go diving. In anticipation for all your needs, these guys are prepared for anything and they do it with the widest smile on their face. There is no task too big or too small for the crew. They are the heart and soul of the boat and, not only keep it in tip top shape, but they each have their own personal touch. They love a good selfie and their favourite past time is to pose for a picture… Click click…

The Boat – Red Sea Jol fleet of boats are rated number one in the Red Sea we are fully equipped to provide the best diving facilities from Recreational to Tec diving  our cabins are big with big size beds next to each others, again next to each others , you don’t want to end up climbing beds! Leave that to children. Our open areas are huge with lots of shaded areas with beautiful sea view.


The Cabins – Comfotable en-suite, air conditioned cabins that are serviced daily. The crew onboard is dedicated to making your stay comfortable. The hardworking staff show their understanding caring character, and attention to detail, with a calm fun approachability. The cabins are service twice daily, as well as a change with fresh towels and linen during the week.

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A Chill Out Area – Large lounge deck and fly deck for chilling out, watching the sunset and enjoying the sea air.

The Dive Deck – Having widened the area on the dive deck to accommodate an individual spot for each diver, along with a space to store your equipment without having to drag cylinders to the compressor & back for filling, we fill them in their spot while you relax and chat with your buddy about the amazing dive you just had.

The Zodiacs – Two small tenders follow the boat for easy manouvering between reefs, allowing us the luxury to decide the most effortless diving for each spot.

The Salon and Dining area – A spacious, fully equipped air conditioned dinning area where you can enjoy your meals or relax on the couches and read a book, screen a movie or enjoy a refreshing drink.

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The Coffee – Wake up to a beaut day in Red Sea, good morning! We know how to start your day off well… Because well – Life’s too short for bad coffee!

Good coffee is a pleasure, great company is a treasure.

As the experts recommend that the ideal coffee hot as hell, pure as an angel and sweet as love -We know every morning should start off with the very best Italian coffee, rich roasted beans, fine grind and filtered to create a delicious aroma of your morning brew. Yum.  Only the best Lavazza french pressed coffee for breakfast

Help yourself to a delicious espresso and all day and night Tea, Coffee and Snacks station available 24/7 for a quick pick me up.

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The Food

hmmm we at red sea jol maybe the only fleet of boats the use local fresh fish and sea food our fantastic chief go himself to the local fresh sea food market and personally picks out the freshest food. We don’t cook frozen fish and sea food.
All our meat is local we don’t use cheap frozen Indian meat everything is fresh.
we have bakery onboard for fresh bread and other yummy stuff only people who have been with us they know it sometimes, even our snacks equal a main meal in themselves.

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The Beers
yes free beers not one beer we know our south Africans like to crack a beer or 6 after the night dive we made it unlimited

Soft drinks
enjoy unlimited soda water and tonics and lemonade for your cocktails and mixers all free of charge

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The Diving

We are maybe the only fleet of boats that make sure we don’t put you in current , we change our dive planning and dive spots according to the diving conditions and how busy the dive spot is – meaning we care first about the quality of the diving then the quantity

Diving from a liveaboard gives you access to dive spots many other boats cannot venture.

With 7 days of diving (Seven… count it 1,2,3,4,5,6….7 days!) in the crystal clear waters of Red Sea diving, warm waters with endless visibility. Hmmm, so we need some super juice for all these dives… lets add in some free nitrox included to every dive. Experience the world class reefs of the Red Sea, you can see starting just below the water surface all the way to drop offs to 100m, Famous shipwrecks, and fantastic coral reefs bursting with colour, beautiful pink soft corals, massive plate coral and long outstretching whip corals home of the big schooling snappers, jackfish, Tuna, Turtles, large Napoleon Wrasse and Lionfish. Coral Gardens and shallower reefs provide a shelter for dolphins to play.


Our experienced dive guides focus on smaller groups, a slower pace, no currents and more detail to attention. we are maybe the only fleet of boats that make sure we don’t put you in current , we change our dive planning and dive spots according to how busy is the dive spot and the diving condition meaning we care first about the quality of the diving then the quantity.

On the sand blue spotted rays hide themselves, garden eels stretch out, Gobies protect their homes while the blind shrimp, keeping a feeler on his guard, shovels out sand. The sea is a hub of activity from candy coloured antheas, carpeted soft corals, large majestic gorgonians and glowing anenomes are stretched all along the reef.

15 Ltr tanks :
from 2017 its free of charge meaning if u like to use a 15 ltr for longer dive times or you heavy on air you are more than welcome its free.

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Night Diving

Offering something special, once the sun has gone down, the nightlife underwater is an attraction not to be missed. In starry luminescent water, nocturnal hunting from small morays, cuttlefish displaying their flashing lights and a very special spanish dancer showing off her flamenco dress as she moves in the water, makes for a great night time dive.

The Fun

Lets have some fun, squeak some teak. We are on a holiday, after all – Life is serous, we can kick off our inhabitions and troubles by having a spot of good old fun and laughs. We throw a themed party, dress up and enjoy a captains dinner in celebration, fun watersports and great guest activities, get everyone involved for a real adventure, grab a scooter and zip around the lagoons and wrecks.


The Tours and Hotel.

Choose between two options – an arheologists dream tour of all Egyptology  or a relaxing all-inclusive 5* hotel stay at a Hurghada Hotel. All drinks, foods and snacks included in your stay as well as a late check out before a transfer picks up the group for the airport. In the hotel
as you get 5 stars service onboard then last night u deserve to be treated like a king and queen
a beautiful hotel to end your holiday with and its including the price

When in Egypt, visiting one of the seven wonders of the world has to be on your bucket list. We can organise a tour of Cairo starting with a pick up from the airport transfer to Museum in Tahir square, a knowledgeable guide who will walk you through the history of Egypt, this museum is home to the biggest collection of Ancient Pharaonic Egypt artifacts. Two special rooms contain a number of mummies of kings and other royal family members.


The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza pyramid complex bordering what is now El Giza, Egypt. It is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one to remain largely intact. The sphinx is a mythical creature with, as a minimum, the head of a human and the body of a lion. In Greek tradition, it has the head of a human, the haunches of a lion, and sometimes the wings of a bird.

Khan el-Khalili Market, one of the oldest markets of Egypt where the Bazaars sell souvenirs, antiques and jewellery, many traditional workshops continue to operate in the surrounding area.

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