How a Red Sea Trip will change your life…

We all want to improve our lives, making the mundane and boring, alive and exciting again. So we, at Red Sea Jol have decided to compose a way of how the Red Sea can not only improve your life but open your eyes to 10 new exciting ways of changing your life.

1. An excuse to travel – Only dead fish swim with the stream. Break away from what everyone else is doing – you are not a zombie. You don’t need to do the same old boring coastal destinations you did last year. You get to board a plane, then a bus, then a boat – you can enjoy life travelling on the sea, in the dessert then in the city.

2. Improve your diving – With the amount of diving we do a week, within the first few dives you would have clocked some milestones already from first night dives, first wreck dive, first dive with dolphins, first dive where you have ditched the wetsuit for rash vests and board-shorts.

3. Make you a storyteller – The more comfortable you are the more you start to notice fishy behaviors and interact with the underwater world. Making you the new storyteller about your own unique experience underwater.

4. Introduces a culture – With an archaeology named just for this area of land, Egyptology as well as the food, the weather and the people. Its no wonder their is one of the 7 wonders of the world in Egypt. From a culture that is the epicenter of many different religions, books and movies, let your imagination run wild thinking about how much time these sands have passed.

5. Meet new friends – Introductions to new people, results in a group of formed friends by the end of the week. You will be introduced to a group of people that love what you love, share your interest and love to travel.

6. Its a break from the cold – We all depressed with bad weather and after months of bitter cold, you deserve a break by booking your warm weather holiday. Feel the sun on your skin, the warmth in your bones and the sweat on your brow. Catch a tan, on our upper deck that your pasty white friends will be super jealous of!

7. Educating yourself – tired of the same old boring reefs and wrecks back home? Come do the world’s best! Experience different fish, sea life and corals.

8. Pictures speak a thousand words – Snap some amazing pics with underwater photography, the conditions offer excellent lighting, clear visibility and the fish aren’t as skittish as back home. So snap away and show all your facebook friends what you’ve seen.

9. Exploration – Explore, dream, discover!

10. Find inner peace – Until the following week when you are at your work desk and wishing you were back on the Red Sea 🙂